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Samsung must pay $11 million to Huawei by infringing their patents

Huawei does not want anyone to win them in their own land, and that’s that in China already claimed five companies (three of them owned by Samsung Electronics) for infringement of their patents, according to Reuters.

In the Court of Quanzhou is ruled that Huawei will receive $ 11.6 million for the unauthorized use of mobile technologies by the South Korean firm.

Does not say exactly which technologies were which entered into discussion, but the report warns that the last team star from Samsung, the S7, would have been involved.

The only thing specified is that it would be “Unlicensed use of communication technology of fourth generation (4 G), operating system and user interface software”.

According to Huawei, they are complying with the ruling, while on the other sidewalk they wait to appeal once reviewed in detail the Court’s decision.

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