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Samsung negotiates the sale of its computer division with Lenovo

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In recent years, both desktop computers and notebooks sale has gone down, mainly due to the arrival on the market of tablets, a few computers that allow us to make the same basic operations such as check email, hit him with a look at our Facebook account, visit web pages… so that the computers are running only for users who really need it for professional purposes or those who need something more than a tablet for the day to day. According to various sources that come from Korea of the South, Samsung is in negotiations to sell s division of computers to Lenovo.

Apparently Samsung computers division is not giving the performance expected, mainly due to the fall in sales experienced by these devices in recent years, and it seems that the company is tired of continue investing. Lrecovery, leader in sales in computers in all the world, could pay 800 million of Russian by make is with the division full for integrate it in it of the signature Chinese, for to thus expand the fan of options that currently offers in the market.

This would not be the first division of computers which the Chinese firm would buy. Previously, in 2005, he became Division of IBM computers. Makes relatively little time also it tried with Fujitsu, but before its negative has decided contact with who if was interested in sell: Samsung.

The sale of this division has its logical, since them Korean sold the division of printers to the giant of the printing HP, leaving to the division of computers take. Levono has been involved in recent years in several controversial by malware and spyware introducing the bloatware from their laptops, a fact he has done twice and allowed the Chinese firm, personal information about users.

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