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Samsung Odyssey, presented Samsung gaming notebook

Samsung is one of the companies that works in all consumer products and without doubt is the company that most invests in expanding its market in all aspects. While it is true that laptop computers is something that already have in their extensive catalog of products, now taking advantage of the CES in Las Vegas have launched a new team, in this case aimed at the more hardcore gamers. New notebook Odyssey has two versions in terms of screen size one with 17.3 and one with 15.6 inch are both Full HD and this is an important part of the machine to the usual players.

As well as the screen obviously required a good Interior in terms of hardware and in this case have failed, this new Odyssey adds the option to install an Intel Core processor seventh generation core i7, up to 32 GB DDR4 model of 15.6 inches either reach the 64 GB DDR4 RAM in the model of 17.3 inches. In addition to this we can add various combinations of disks for the storage and the system, up to 256 GB SSD PCIe more 1 TB HDD or 512 GB SSD PCIe more 1 TB HDD. In addition to these specifications, the company adds the dedicated video card Nvidia GeForce 1050 in the 15″ model, by which in principle will not have problems to move current games. This accompanied by panels with HDR video quality makes the 17.3 inch model is reaching the 300 nits and the 280 for the smallest model.

The dissipation of the heat for those who spend long hours playing will in charge of the HexaFlow Vent system that cools the equipment to maintain an optimum temperature and avoid overheating. On the other hand users can access the bottom panel of the notebook and upgrade the memory or storage at any time.

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