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Samsung patents a smartphone’s screen double

Samsung people it seems that several ACEs up his sleeve has. A few days ago reported the filtration of a patent, where it showed that the company is planning to launch a tablet of flexible screen, and now comes a new record shows the idea of a foreign smartphone with two displays instead of one.

Originally recorded in the year 2012, this idea registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office, now shows a new evolution, newly discovered by Patently Mobile people, for a change, with a new series of illustrations, showing the change of design in this smarpthone of dual display:


The above image shows the original design four years ago, while the lower image shows us new discovered patent, where it is noted that Samsung people has continued to work on the idea by the conception of its operation.

Is observed that is retains the idea of show the terminal as something similar to a book, ideal for students or professional, but now, the cover of link looks more light and flexible, with the second screen running only as an extension.

In theory, according to mark illustrations, only one of the displays would have all the basics of a smartphone, while another screen would be connected through the cover to expand the functions of the appliance.

Not there are indications or slightly remote from that Samsung go to market this soon.

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