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Samsung Pay gets 6,000 records after release


It seems that the payment by the Samsung Service service has not had the host which originally could be expected after the official release a little more than 24 hours ago. The truth is that it takes few hours since it was March, and insurance that many users are unaware of having this payment option available via the smartphone.

The task of the company is now advertising the news of its availability and use all possible means to capture new users. The truth is that release seems rather hasty regarding negotiations with banks, but being the first in the country to offer this service is a good thing for anyone. There are four factors that imply that the service works perfectly from the day of the launch: the company with its service, financial institutions, retailers and finally adoption of the users themselves. In them there are variations how the limitations in terms of devices (longer than just a few work with this payment method) and having it closed the company with banks and shops.

In this case it seems that efforts have been intense by Samsung, and it is that they have chosen well the first entity, Caixabank and Imaginebank to start the launch of Samsung Pay, but it seems that despite the abundant amount of clients of this service of payments with your smartphone, not everyone has a device compatible with Samsung Pay or continue without realizing account this already underway.

Is true that for some may be one lesser figure and for other more, but in any case expected that the expansion of Samsung Pay continues to grow during these months as far as users are concerned. On the other hand it would be nice to have active service with the rest of financial entities, since not all users use the same. Let us hope that this figure increases and implant in Spain with good data, the rest will already come with weather or not?

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