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Samsung Pay Mini could come next month to all mobile

Samsung Pay Mini

While many Spanish Samsung terminals are preparing to receive Samsung Pay, it seems that they will not be only terminals that are to receive the new system of payment of Samsung. Apparently the famous version for other devices, the so-called Mini Pay Samsung, will also be available next month, possibly from the same date, i.e. on 2 June.

Samsung Mini Pay will be on Android devices and iOS, and even there is talk of the arrival service to portable devices with Windows and MacOS. A genuine expansion of the Samsung service will be. Samsung Pay Mini is a mobile payment service that will operate more as a digital wallet and that may be used in any device with NFC technology, however this service, unlike other services, you will not use the MST payment system, so their transactions are not as safe as in other devices. Samsung Pay Mini can operate not only on mobile phones with Android, but it will also do so in terminals with iOS and speaks even the iPod Touch new might work with this new service from Samsung.

Samsung Pay Mini will work even on computers and tablets with Windows 10

Thus it appears that Samsung Pay Mini will be a big rival for Android Pay and Apple Pay, go a great rival to Paypal users and other banking services that handle our finances or at least so many are running it.

But the most interesting thing will be to know if really Samsung Pay Mini will be compatible or not with the root users. It is possibly not what the number of users who can run Samsung Pay Mini in its terminal are less than people expect. Personally I think that this service from Samsung which will be revolutionary and not Samsung Pay original, as there are more users with iPhone and Android phones that users with terminals of Samsung. It seems that now there is no excuse to have our money in the mobile or perhaps?

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