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Samsung Pay now available in Spain, the first in Europe


Indeed, whereas the less curious and important data for residents in Spain, that we’re the first to have this service of payment by the smartphone on the old continent. This says a lot of the potential that we have and how little that we take advantage of it. That said, we can already say that payment of the South Koreans already works perfectly to make purchases through compatible terminals, but has a few nuances that must be clarified.

The first thing is that it does not work with all Samsung smartphone, this is self-evident but it is good to remember to do the ridiculous at the moment of making a payment. Supported devices are those who dispose of chip NFC and belong to the Galaxy range: Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy Note 5.

So to run this payment method we need to have one of these terminals, but that is not all you need to be able to use the service. At the moment the payment method only works with Caixabanc and Imaginbank customers and we will need a card VISA or MasterCard. In addition to this the necessary and most important is that the establishment will accept this payment method.

In this case Samsung already has a list of stores where you can pay with Samsung Pay, these are: Cepsa, brewery la Surena, Cepsa, Domino´s Pizza, El Corte Inglés, Friday´s, Ginos, group day, MediaMarkt, Mercadona, Phone House, Repsol, knee, Saba, Starbucks, The Good Burger, The WOK, VIP, VIP Smart and 100 montaditos.

The rest is waiting for negotiations and gradually more facilities will be added. to carry out payments, we have to use the card information and authorise them. The payment is as simple to choose the card VISA or Mastercard, we want to use, bring the smartphone to the PIN pad, and put our finger on the fingerprint sensor. Then the payment will already be done.

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