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Samsung registers a patent for phone with dual camera

The fever of the double Chamber could exploit this year. Following the steps of manufacturers as Huawei, LG or Apple, now is Samsung who would enter this field. This arises from a patent registered by the South Korean company which illustrates a dual camera functionality.

The patent, registered in United States, speaks of a system of two cameras: a great angle and a telephoto (also known as telephoto). The phone would be capable of detect the best use of the cameras depending on the speed of the subject. If this is greater that the preset, the processor of the camera may choose to by select the great angular as lens main and will point the telephoto towards the subject to capture another angle.



The diagrams are a species of option picture-in-picture in which is can toggle between both cameras in time real. In the case of the video, the same principle of the speed of the subject is also used to automatically select the best camera.


The patent, originally recorded in June 2015, would open the door to Samsung to launch terminal with dual camera, although it is not known when could apply or if the manufacturer would be interested in doing so. Remember that the registration of patents is not always embodied in products.

Taking in has that Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has an of the best cameras in the telephony mobile, the possibility of count with two cameras in a future terminal of range high sounds extremely tempting.

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