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Samsung responds to the latest incident of a Galaxy Note 7 in a plane

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Yesterday same knew a new problem with a Galaxy Note 7 that began to throw smoke in a flight of Southwest Airlines, that still not had detachment and that finally had to be evacuated. This could be something considered as normal, after all those problems that have surrounded to the new ship logo of Samsung, but the problem is that is is of a smartphone’s replacement.

This means that the owner of this Galaxy Note 7 already send their supposedly defective unit so they changed it. This new terminal supposedly not should of have no problem with your battery and course had with the icon sell of battery that Samsung has placed in all the terminals supposedly exempt of them problems with the battery.

That Yes, the South Korean company has not time to decide and has issued an official statement which can be read; “until we can recover the device, not we can confirm that this incident is related with the new Galaxy Note 7…” “Once you look at the device tend more information to share.”

Now we of see if is confirms that was a unit of replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 as has declared its owner. Of confirm is this end much I fear that is ahead bad times for Samsung, that you will see as the problem that has surrounded to the new Member of the family Galaxy Note continues without resolve is.

Would think that we are before a case isolated or that will return the problem of the Galaxy Note 7 with it battery?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for them reviews of this entry or through any of the networks social in which are present.

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