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Samsung responds with a tremendous where a user who criticized the Galaxy S8


These days the Samsung Galaxy S8 captures most of the covers of websites and newspapers around the world, with its release to the market. For example in United States account on Twitter of Samsung (@SamsungMobileUS) has encouraged everyone to share the first photograph they had taken with its brand new mobile device.

As often happens in these cases has not taken to look like a user willing to clan and disturb a good time. And is that such a (@savEdward) Edward answered one of the images published with the message of his first photograph hadbeen one of its member. Luckily the community of Samsung was very quick and clever to leave us an anthology where.

As you can see just below the account manager of Twitter of Samsung responded to this user with a microscope emoji that unleashed an enormous amount of funny comments. Course of the troll yhbt still nothing is known, but perhaps you are making pictures with your new Samsung Galaxy S8 to publish some interesting and out of step with class.


There is a more normal that the companies answer for an “aggressive” form to all the trolls that circulating on the net more to put every one on your website, by the impact that tend to have these answers, and this advertising that pose as in this case.

Would think that companies must follow responding so aggressively to all those who respond to you with more free attacks?.

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