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Samsung reveals Galaxy S8 will have its own smart wizard

As the days pass Samsung left behind the episode of Galaxy Note 7 and new interesting data on the expected S8 Galaxy is going filtering. The latest rumors aimed at the integration of an optical scanner and fingerprint sensors, but now a company Executive has revealed the first official big news for this terminal.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Lee Kyeong-tae, Vice President of Samsung mobile division, confirmed the Galaxy S8 will integrate some new features with respect to its predecessor, including their own version of the Google Assistant:

The S8 Galaxy will have a sleek design and an improved camera, as well as a superior artificial intelligence service.

Read, unfortunately he refused to give more details about the future Galaxy S8, but these brief statements constitute the first official information about the development of the smartphone through an identified spokesman of Samsung.

The obvious guess is that this wizard of artificial intelligence would be developed by Viv, the original creators of Siri and that were acquired by Samsung not long ago.

So far it seems that the Galaxy S8 is on track and could be a success that leaves behind the bitter drink of Galaxy Note 7.

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