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Samsung “rockeara” on the pulse of the 4 d and Virtual reality at LollaPalooza

This Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April in Santiago live another day of festival LollaPalooza, the largest mass gathering of the music that is performed in Chile. Thousands of selfies, photos on Instagram and Facebook Live from the O’Higgins Park flood social networks. And as a way to build on the momentum and reach a young audience, Samsung will be present to the pulse of the 4 d technology and virtual reality.

Three ergonomic armchairs in which you can enjoy in virtual spaces, will be the big news of this so-called “Samsung Palooza“, two-storey stand which will be present, in a privileged location, during the two days that the festival takes place.

Rock and be above a roller coaster is the experience that aims to deliver Samsung, with a 360 degree view and an inclination of up to 125, with glasses virtual reality VR Gear that will be synchronized with a sound box and a simulator of multiple speeds, enabling high-precision movements, simulating what it feels like to climb. In addition to this, that people may use the S3 Gear, smartwatch which keystrokes of people who will live the experience 360 degrees will be measured.

samsung_lolla_2017_V11 (1)-9

samsung_lolla_2017_V11 (1)-32

Space Galaxy A and Smart Service

Samsung Palooza will also feature the space “Created with Galaxy A” in which attendees can take a selfie with the newly launched series smartphones Galaxy to 2017 and then print them or receive them by email. In addition, there will be a space called Smart Service, where a specialist will answer questions about the Smartphones Samsung and where you can load, update and review teams for free.

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Organic VR experience

Finally, the Samsung Palooza attendees will experience thanks to Virtual reality, activities such as skate or do downhill biking. With regard to the latter, and supporting the pillar of sustainability of Lolallapalooza, people may charge the batteries of the teams while they cycle, thanks to the Dynamo that will have the pedals of the bicycle.

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