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Samsung still does not find the problem that made the Galaxy Note 7 exploit


When the Galaxy Note 7 began to exploit to ignite without warning and without apparent reason, Samsung decided to blame the battery’s terminals. However after remove all them terminals sold and modify the battery of them same, them blasts is continued producing by what decided to finally remove for always of the market its new ship logo.

As it is logical to the South Korean company has set as a goal finding the reason that its Galaxy Note 7 suffered the problems suffered. However, as indicates the Wall Streee Journal, Samsung still without identifying the problem after many days of long works.

As we can read in the American environment;

Industry experts have pointed to various possible causes, since the software that controls how it interacts with other components of the smartphone battery until the full circuit design.

Engineers are also evaluating the possibility of the battery compartment could have been too small to House a battery of such capacity as an Executive at Samsung Mobile.

In addition on the other hand also works the Cora of the southern Government, although as Samsung has not yet found the problem which makes, or rather than did the Galaxy Note 7 completed exploding or burning it.

We will continue very attentive to the development of this case to know if finally gets to know because the Galaxy Note 7 was a short-lived in the market in just a few weeks.

Would think that finally the problem of the Galaxy Note 7 will be in the batteries as is said in a first moment?.

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