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Samsung takes out the checkbook and buy Viv, the creators of Siri Assistant


Little by little from Samsung wanted to go to evolve its platform Tizen integrating into more and more devices thus achieving a fairly full ecosystem. One of the weakest points of it, no doubt, found for example in your virtual assistant, something that should improve because it is becoming a real point of convergence for the connected home. With this in mind, the giant has decided to take your checkbook by announcing the purchase of Viv, nothing less than the company responsible for the creation, for example, Siri.

If you don’t know very well what is Viv, let know you that, as its creators announce it, it can be termed as a new evolution of Siri where the Assistant has been enhanced with an artificial intelligence system. Thanks to this we have a system that goes far beyond what it can offer today day Siri, Cortana, Alexa… Since Viv relies on a kind of ‘global brain’ based on artificial intelligence. This basically means that this not only Wizard is capable of interacting with its speaker, but can also learn as deeply to be able to write your own code to learn how to carry out new tasks.

Samsung acquires Viv in an operation in which nobody wanted to give out any details.

Unfortunately neither party has wanted to give specific details about the operation. Attending to them words of Dag Kittlaus, part of the team founder of Viv, is has given to know that, despite this acquisition Viv will continue to working as a company independent although now have the objective of promoting the platform and ecosystem of Samsung. The most interesting thing about this is that, as part of the negotiations is precisely the agreement reached that Viv can remain a free and platform available to other systems by which remains the idea original that there is a version for Android and iOS which will also be open so any developer can make compatible all applications.

More information: TechCrunch

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