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Samsung, the best camera in mobile [W Opinion]

Since the Galaxy Note 5 something has changed in me, who had always defended the camera of the iPhone as the most reliable for the common user, that to which not interested that the file is in RAW or having all manual options. That just seeing something that you like, take out your smart phone, point and shoot, hoping that the result is satisfactory. That user I think that nowadays, if it is for choosing a team your camera, there must be a Samsung over any other brand.

Many will say that Samsung optics tends to saturate the colors, of “extolling” the images to hide some flaws, it is logical to do so, that does not mean that it is wrong, on the contrary, is designed so that the broad public, that which you talked about previously see a photo and I can not believe that he took it.

Post processing and configurations are different on each device and Samsung is objectively “trap”, but that flavor is what gives the “wow!”factor many times. If you take the same photo with a S7 and an iPhone 7, most of the people probably choose the extruded with the Korean team. It is very simple, they are appealing, the blues are bluer and the Red more red, and we as the moths go toward the light, we tend to walk to color, to the earthquake, to exaggerated, to the disproportionate. Samsung optics gives us that.

Through the years, one of the things that most excites me with each new terminal of any brand is when promise to revolutionize the Mobile photography, because I believe that despite missing many years, eventually the mobile terminals if you can replace a professional camera and all lenses how? I don’t know, if I had the answer would be millionaire.

This year Huawei gave giant steps with the inclusion of the dual camera in P9, though suffers much from evil of first generation and perhaps Mate 9 see more substantial use this feature. Apple included portrait mode on the 7 Plus iPhone and when it works the effect of depth of field, take looks spectacular so much on take a picture already that if you do not meet certain parameters of light and distance the phone it does not let you shoot, that same P9 of Huawei to something similar, quite more artificial but it was. At the end of the day the camera more versatile and reliable was still it the S7 released many months before.

It is impossible to talk about photography in mobile and not to mention the front-facing camera. Already is part of the common denominator commercial of them manufacturers and much people prefer that this camera is good without giving you importance to the main. In this case Huawei complies fairly well, like LG but with a cool perspective. Apple remains stuck in the past with a lens that not is great angular. Again Samsung takes the throne in the most important section for many users.

This brand was able to build a photographic identity bullet proof, criticized by experts but lauded by common. On this occasion, I would rather be on the side of the common public, because every day more people no longer rely on something that is not his mobile phone to capture a memory or time. If I were asked in whom you trust today for this work, it would be Samsung, but I hope that other manufacturers reach it soon so the pole climb further and someday really professional camera with lens is kept in the House.

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