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Samsung unveils the new Galaxy Tab S3 #MWC17

With a completely glass design, Samsung brings its new commitment in the world of tablets: The Galaxy Tab S3.

In his presentation, mark tried to define the user of these devices not as one who uses it to work, if not as who requires an intermediate in the House for media consumption, but which anyway had to possess sufficient tools to perform the basics.

Its 9.7-inch Super AMOLED screen is of those panels that Samsung has accustomed us in the high range, very sharp, with high saturation. If you have the possibility of owning Amazon video streaming services, you can enjoy content in HDR.

It now has four speakers that change the orientation of the treble, treble and stereo to adapt to the position where it will be sustained.

In regards to Accessories, comes including an S-Pen tip 0.7 mm that it feels very good to make illustrations, takes notes and navigate through the interface.

Separately, you can find a keyboard that does not require a Bluetooth connection and which is connected to the device via magnetic spots on the side and that at the same time can make them cover to protect the screen when you transport it.

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