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Samsung updates their app Smart Switch to capture Windows 10 users

Each manufacturer has several tools in order to facilitate the change of a platform or device to another company. Some time ago that ended the need to download the company’s software and connect our smartphone to transfer, the new phone software, all data from the old terminal. Fortunately now all is much more simple through the different options that we offer the manufacturers. Samsung through the Smart Switch application allows us to transfer all the data which are not protected by DRM to their terminals. The Korean company just updated the application by adding support for Windows 10 Mobile users.

This year, only Acer and HP have opted for the Microsoft Mobile platform launching each one a single terminal. Also little by little Microsoft has gone eliminating the catalogue of Lumias available in your store in a movement that pointed to the possible abandonment of the platform, but that to the end seems all it contrary, since them rumors of the Surface Phone are each time more frequent.

If you are Windows Phone 8.1 or 10 Windows users, and are planning to change the platform, Samsung offers you the possibility to change quickly and comfortably through the Smart Switch application, an application that just update offering support for Microsoft’s mobile platform. This application is installed by default in terminals that the company has launched to the market within the high range, as it is the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge, in addition to the now-retired Galaxy Note 7. Smart Switch also facilitates the change to all the users that come of it platform of Apple iOS, besides the already veteran versions of the extinct system operating of BlackBerry, YOU 7 and YOU 10.

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