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Samsung was studying the possibility of dividing into two companies

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As is has posted today same in Reuters, apparently from the Fund American Elliott Associates, current holder of the 0.6% of the total of Samsung, is is asking for to the company Korean that the same is divide in two. This initiative has a clear economic profile because, according to studies shuffles the Fund itself, to apparently Samsung would be undervalued, more or less 70%, due to its complex corporate structure.

With this in mind, it is much easier to understand what moves this Fund to ask Samsung that is split in two, one part where would be the operating company’s part while the other would be a holding company. This request has not fallen on deaf ears since, as he has been said also from Seoul Economic Daily, quoting apparently turn to an anonymous source close to the company, the Board of Directors of Samsung be meet on Tuesday, tomorrow, to consider the proposal which has to come to them from Elliott Associeates.

Tomorrow itself is held a meeting to decide if finally Samsung is separated in two companies.

As you would expect, due primarily to the magnitude of the company, from Korean regulatory administration a formal request has been released to Samsung to clarify its intentions and especially if they are planning a division of the company. From the own Samsung replied that it will be tomorrow, we suppose that just after conducting this meeting, when you will be held a Conference to explain their compensation plans to shareholders since, to divide itself, should distribute a special dividend valued at 26,000 billion of dollars to investors.

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