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Samsung will distribute to Chinese brand double camera sensors

Apparently Koreans from Samsung will be in charge of supply mobile Leeco, Xiaomi and Oppo Chinese companies with dual camera for their upcoming releases sensors through the Electro Mechanicsdivision, responsible for manufacturing various parts.

With this we can assume that the upcoming releases of these major Chinese brands will have dual rear camera. The next Xiaomi my 5s, which supposedly will be released during the fall of 2016, will be the first to integrate these photographic lenses manufactured by Samsung.

For the company, having a division responsible for manufacturing various parts for smartphones only left them positive numbers. There are many brands that are interested in buying their products, even Apple, which recently met that they will buy more than 100 million screen OLED manufactured by Koreans for its next iPhone 8 which will be 2017.

Finally, apart from being one of the most important mobile today, Samsung manufacturers it is becoming a potential supplier of products, registering more than 61.8% of orders and reservations in their Electro Mechanics division by different manufacturers.

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