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Samsung will manufacture up to 50,000 batteries / year for cars electric in its new ‘ gigafactoria’


As in his time already announced Tesla, Samsung will continue to their steps creating their own ‘gigafactoria‘ for power supply to the future demand of batteries for cars electric. Undoubtedly a movement that mostly will be more than interesting to all final customers who buy an electric vehicle since the great offer that there will be in the market will cause the price of them, one of the most precious and expensive of this class of vehicles, is reduced considerably.

For Samsung, the company just in confirm that this new ‘gigafactoriawill be built in Hungary. This new site will make it possible that they may be to fabricate staggering up to 50,000 batteries a year destined to be used in car 100% electric. Is expected that them first batteries begin to the get to the market early on 2018 although, until end of this same year, the new factory not will be in disposal of work to the 100% of its capacity.

Samsung will build your ‘gigafactoria’ of batteries for electric cars in Hungary

To try to save as regards costs of construction, is will take as base them facilities existing that today day used for the production of screens and televisions. A point rather than interesting on its location is that will be manufactured in Europe what means that, despite be more faces that is if replacing in Chinese, them manufacturers of cars that want to use them may receive them without delays, without customs and with the tranquility of that the factory is relatively close.

As was to be expected, Samsung Europe’s election has been trivial since, together to the US market, we are the area with greater growth in sales of electric cars, as well as in support of institutions and manufacturers. Finally just comment you to achieve this goal, Samsung will have to be an investment estimated at 300 million euros, which will be used to provide higher quality to its customers, both present and future.

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