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Samsung will publish outcomes research Note 7 this month

Galaxy Note 7

At the beginning of the month of December, several media us did eco of a news that arrival from Korea of the South, in which is reported that the company Samsung published them results of his research concerning them blasts of the Note 7, blasts that forced to it company to remove the device of the market for avoid damage older. But as you all know, he spent the month of December and the company has not yet reported to the public on the problems of this great terminal, which today many users still do not return to the manufacturer, everything is said.

According to the publication JoonAng Libo, the company Korean already has prepared the report with them results of the research internal that caused the withdrawal of the terminal of the market, report that will see the light along the month of January, but without specify date concrete or approximate. In a principles is claimed that the problem was of the batteries with a defect of manufacturing, what forced to the company to make the first replacement of the Note 7. When it was found that the terminals were still exploiting the company opened research and began to withdraw all the Note 7 distributed up to that time in the market.

Also we talked about the possibility that the design was one of the causes. This problem usually happens when the marketing department that wants to design the phone instead of engineers. Engineers know what can and what cannot be in a terminal, hence its name, not makers sell the terminal between users.

What is clear is that before the end of this month, we will see if the cause of this problem, which fortunately for the company has not been leaking out as it is presupposed, it was the battery, design, a combination of both or any other aspect that we have not spoken yet.

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