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Samsung would be working on a new ‘mobile-top’

Samsung W2016

According to the new rumors related to Samsung, apparently the manufacturer from South Korea is preparing a new terminal flip phone “mobile with lid” or. Samsung wants to reach all audiences, is something that has left patent for many occasions and although many thought that had abandoned the flip phones market, it seems that it was picking up momentum.
The new terminal of Samsung flip phone but that in addition it will have Android operating systemwill not only be, i.e. will be a smartphone that can be bent, with a small screen and a physical keyboard.

The new mobile Samsung top will have a small 3.8 inch screen

Reportedly, the new device has the nickname of SM-160 that would continue with the line of the last flip phone from Samsung, the SM-150. In any case refers to a terminal with a 3.8-inch screen, with a physical keyboard and is expected to have more than 2 Gb of memory ram as well as an Exynos processor. The price of this terminal would be affordable, $250, so it are running sources but it really is something that cannot be known yet. What they really know is the type of display that uses Samsung or its technology.

While it is true that Samsung doesn’t care you create multiple devices with different versions for a year, it is also true that there is talk that Samsung is working on a mobile phone with foldable screen, something that could translate into this terminal or is at least a possibility. In any case it seems that increasingly sticks with more force the return of the flipphones or mobile with lid, something which does not deny the major brands of phones, but and small brands? will receive a barrage of mobile with lid in the coming months? do you you think?

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