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Samsung would develop QLED screens for its future smartphones

The Samsung people still in their frenzy of innovative filtration. Makes ones days is revealed its plan to create a smartphone of screen double and now us surprise with the filtration of another patent in where is suggests of way concise and almost accurate that eventually will abandon it manufacturing of monitors AMOLED for give the jump to the new technology QLED.

According to an exclusive report from SamMobile, the manufacturer has just registered last June 27 a series of patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office, details the implementation of this type of Quantum-Dot LED displays in different kinds of devices, from TV screens to mobile devices such as smartphones.

From makes months is saw come this movement, with others leaks that pointed to the eventual abandonment of it technology AMOLED from Samsung, now, with the filtration of these patents is more clear the heading that will seek take the signature with the adoption of the QLED as new choice for displays.

QLED screens would be up to 200% more efficient in its energy consumption than traditional OLED, they would offer a 40% more light e even better durability in your life, to not rely on organic materials for the diodes, reason main failures and breakdowns today.

Interestingly, Samsung will be the main supplier of AMOLED displays for Apple in future iPhone models. So this movement can be interpreted as a strategy to keep ahead.

At least in that respect.

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