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SanDisk launches a USB-C 128GB pen-drive


SanDisk is always at the forefront in it comes to storage. Your brand is hallmark of quality and safety for our data, so it did not want to linger over, and it is already presenting us with the pen-drive with a connection USB-C, allowing their full compatibility with a large number of devices that come only with these new ports, as it is the case of the Apple MacBook or Asus Zenbook 3 , and it seems to be to standardize forced this new reversible connection that promises a lot thanks to its versatility.

They are appearing increasingly more devices that support the USB-C, from mobile phones to portable devices, passing by tablets. Their size and possibilities are that it has become an attractive and necessary port connection for brands, and we are not who to stop progress. We must remember that USB has high rates of transfer of image and sound, not only data, so that in the future will not be surprising to see monitors with ports USB-C, as well as televisions, although we still clung to the HDMI for now, since it is certainly fulfilling expectations that all manufacturers put on it.

This new SanDisc has a transfer rate of up to 150 MBs, the truth is we could not expect less brand and connection USB-C, tolcanzando USB 3.1 standard. He has several storage options, from 16GB to 128GB, actually we found no prices too expensive, considering novelty, I stop what we found on other occasions, and it is that this pea-drive is not much more expensive than any other 128 GB USB 3.0 connection. These are the prices:

  • 16GB – €19.99
  • 32GB – €29.99
  • 64GB – €39.99
  • 128GB – €69.99

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