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Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO: “We want to build the ultimate smartphone”

The charismatic CEO of Microsoft recognized some time ago that they had missed the boom in smart phones and weren’t at the level of other operating systems like iOS and Android.

In an interview to the Financial Review stated that they want to continue in the market and build products, their words say: “we can not take by envy what others have. The question is what can do us, there is where I seek in any form factor and technology, even augmented reality. “We will continue in the market of phones mobile but not defined by the standards of the current, if not leading that why we can only make us and become the ultimate smartphone”.

It also admits that before were very focused on the “I also can” on this market but that began to build in pursuit of a group of target consumers who need that their devices have certain specific operating parameters to work. Remember that the New York police began to use phones with Windows Phone.

Is not yet known exactly what will cause Microsoft to break into the crowded market of smartphones and achieve convince the faithful users of Android or iOS, but insurance you will have to be spectacular, since it not only needs to be good, also requires application developers to release their software on the new platform, since the lack thereof in Windows Phone was one of the fundamental factors of why the failure of the operating system, which despite a significant space between users, has a base of users deeply faithful, either due to their stability and interface.

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