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Scientists make a gesture-activated control smartwatch LG

While the smart watches market remains active, the reality is that to date no they have become innovative and revolutionary devices that promised some years ago.

Fortunately, a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have managed to modify the operation of a conventional smartwatch to expand their functions and make it a more interesting accessory, to provide it with the ability to activate functions by means of hand gestures:

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Despite what the video, where you might think that the ViBand is a completely new technology, in fact, according to a report of The Verge, University researchers and Future Interfaces Group would have achieved the magic of gesture sensor only by applying an overclocking to the accelerometer’s a smartwatch LG shows.

This modification would have become possible to capture and process bio-acoustic signals, so that the clock is now able to recognize clicks, slaps, slight strokes and other movements, which can be configured to activate remote functions on other devices.

Even, the technology of ViBand could recognize what activities performed the user and show information relevant on this, to improve your productivity or enrich their experience.

This creation is not something that will radically change the rules of the game, but Yes will help give you better use those devices.

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