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Scientists will present new kind of screen being repaired single

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As if it were of Wolverine. A group of scientists has been able to create a new type of screen able to repair itself, which would represent an important step forward to finally put a definitive solution to one of the most common problems among users of any mobile device.

Researchers from the University of California at Riverside (UC Riverside) presented this new material since last December 2016, as a strange Christmas gift, but it was not until the second week of April 2017 that will show in a public way his new creation, at the next meeting of the American Chemical Society.

The UC Riverside scientists point out that his invention is a conductive material of rubber, which is composed of a stretch polymer type and an ionic salt, and being able to stretch up to 50 times its size in common, in addition to heal itself as if nothing had happened, even when it is split in two.

This “regenerative factor” would be thanks to a special type of link inside the material, referred to as “interaction ion-dipolo”, achieved by a combination of forces between polar molecules and charged ions “highly stable electrochemical conditions” and which makes it possible the union of the material after his breakdown.

It will not be until next week to see in action how fragmented both parties are attracted, but the project is quite promising for all owners of a smartphone.

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