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Seagate talks about their new hard drives of 14 to 16 TB


According to recent statements by one of the senior management of Seagate, same company that not so long ago boasted of being able to create the portable hard disk with greater capacity of the planet, apparently his company would be working in the creation of new drives in HDD format, i.e., traditional hard drives of high capacity which, contrary to what one can think yet they still tend much acceptance because of its content price.

Apparently, today Seagate engineers would be working on the technology implementation based on helium that already use other manufacturers. Thanks to this they would have already managed to develop a 12 TB of capacity HDD hard drive though, as it has already confirmed, the plans of the company will not remain there since they will try that this capability grows up to 14 TB and even come to the 16 TB of capacity in a maximum period of 18 months.

Seagate wants to launch hard disks of up to 20 TB of capacity by 2020.

In the plan in the medium and long term who want to follow in Seagate admiring, arrivals by 2020, which will be able to start marketing drives 20 TB. As you can see, Seagate, at least in the medium term will continue betting on the development of traditional hard drives, mainly due to the price that today has a SSD in the market. For an example of the latter rapporteur and without leaving the options available in the catalog of the same manufacturer, while a 2 TB HDD hard drive is priced at about 70 euros for a same capacity SSD should pay about 600 euros.

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