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See pictures of the new Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition

Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition

We carry several days listening to and hearing rumors about a new terminal with Ubuntu Phone. A terminal that aimed to be the high-end of the Ubuntu Phone ecosystem. Although don’t know currently if there will be a terminal or more, it is true that have leaked pictures of a new terminal of the Meizu brand which, to date, is the terminal of the high range of the ecosystem, with a price close to 400 euros.

The new terminal will be based on the recent MX6 Meizu, a version that Meizu pulled out a few weeks ago with a processor Mediatek as heart of the smartphone. Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition is a terminal that will have the new processor Mediatek helium 20 X, a 10-core processor that is equated to the Snapdragon 820, a high-performance processor which will feature fast-charging and 3 Gb of RAM. The internal storage of Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition will be 32 GB, storage that can be expanded with a microsd card slot. In this case, the Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition also has a sensor of fingerprint and two cameras.

Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition will have a 4,000 mAh battery

A rear camera with 21 MP sensor and a front 8 MP camera. The screen of the terminal will be 5.5 inch with a resolution FullHD, a big screen to a terminal as well. Meizu MX6 Ubuntu Edition will have the new version of Ubuntu Phone, so that the terminal will be making competition to the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Lumia 950 among others.

We do not know the date of availability of the new terminal of Meizu, but since we have already seen images announcing the new terminal, seems that the launch the number of devices is closer than ever, a launch that wide with Ubuntu Phone, although it won’t do the number of users to advance significantly or maybe? do you you think?

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