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Send free SMS to your contacts using Google photos

Feel like someone who has just discovered something interesting and useful that was in front of him all the time and always ignored him. Surely, as a fool. And it is that, for those occasions when we have tried everything to contact someone without balance on our phone, it seems that the best option was Google photos.

Yes, the Gallery of Google to load our photographs to the cloud us had helped to contact to someone by SMS. You might wonder how it is possible if no concept is related to the other, but it will surprise you to know that function “Share” Google images lets you send SMS even if you do not use one SIM (via the free Android).

Send an message SMS free with Google photos


Actually, rather than send a message of text is is of share a photography, but as say, “a picture is worth more than thousand words”. So, unless you really want share an image from Google photos, will have that write the text that want send in an application of notes and then take a capture of screen.

Subsequently, you should go to Google photo to open the photo or screenshot you just took. Press the “Share” button and then the “More” option three points arranged horizontally.


Before selecting a contact, scroll down to the “Phone contacts” section. Select one of your contacts with the cell phone number and press “Send” option.


Surely not expected to work, but is made. Your contact has received a message with the text “[contact name] has shared an album with you [photo link]” and you were notified when that person saw the picture sent you, if it were a “seen” or receipt confirmation.


Your SMS message was already read and not you spent a dime for it. Since Google photos serves to share photographs, doubt that this function is limited in the future-unless this information proliferate and all is take advantage of it.

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