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Share car would reduce the traffic on a 75% according to the MIT

The era of the autonomous car is coming, just around the corner I would say. Not us is doubt that the arrival of the condition autonomous will contribute much to the shortage of accident, as well as to the correct and fluid traffic in them roads, making them more viable and effective, and it more important, saving us time of road to the work. But while all that happens, the MIT has legacy to an important conclusion about the made of share vehicle and the congestion of the traffic on our roads. So as, are going to know what says the MIT about sharing vehicle and as affects this to our life everyday.

Them services as über or Lyft is have popularized much, and are beneficial in all those areas, both in what to pollution is concerns, as in them paragraphs referred to the congestion of the traffic in them roads. For this reason, MIT has been dedicated to analyze how influences share car traffic in the big cities, and hand of professed her Daniela Rus reached interesting conclusions.

So they have used the city of New York as a Guinea pig. This city has no less than 14,000 taxis, which also contribute to pollution and congestion. According to the algorithms, 95% of the demand for taxis could meet with 2,000 vehicles for ten people. But the most important is that 98% of this demand also could be satisfied with 3,000 four passenger cars of the type über and Lyft, i.e. sharing vehicle between strangers.

This study is not intended to ruin the work to taxi drivers, but to better understand the behaviour of people and cars for single occupancy. Coming to the final conclusion that all the users share their vehicles, traffic in New York would be reduced 75%.

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