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Sharp confirms that the iPhone 8 will have a screen OLED


We carry many months talking about the possibility of Apple to make use of the screen OLED, a screen that offers us a more real colors as opposed to the LCD screen that the Cupertino-based company continues to use oddly. Even so, the new iPhone 7 has improved much the quality of the screen, despite be LCD, and them black are more black and the white more bright. A few months ago Foxconn bought Sharp including the factory where are made the most of screen OLED most terminals in the market with the intention that in future will make screens OLED future iPhone.

It seems that that day has come and Apple will finally use screens OLED at the next terminal that release to the market, the iPhone 8 (if it is called finally as well). This news has been confirmed directly by the current President of Sharp through the Japanese Nikkei website, which a few days ago leaked the rumor again about the possible launch of a new model of iPhone, a five inch model, something quite unlikely. Apple does not have any need of throw a model intermediate between both device more even when is are selling without problems in the market.

Another of the rumors that are surrounding this terminal, is the return of the video as the main material, glass already used in the iPhone 4 and 4s and who was abandoned by Apple with the launch of the iPhone 5 successive, where he began to use the aluminum of different resistance until it gave with the aluminum 7000, aluminium which had to use after the problems he had suffered 6 Plus iPhone to bend easily if we situ√°bamos it in the back of the pants.

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