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Sharp negotiating with Apple to produce screens OLED iPhone 8

The people of Apple continues enjoying of the time of glory and high earnings thanks to the iPhone 7, but also already prepares all for his successor, and now all points to this will be with large innovations between their components, as for example a required screen OLED.

For months to come appear reports where it is evident that Apple wants a screen of this kind for the iPhone 8, but now a new report by Bloomberg says that Sharp, a leader in the manufacture of these displays, has entered already in negotiations with the guys from Cupertino to produce this piece the next year.

Other companies are Samsung, LG and Japan Display that long would row offering its services to produce screens OLED iPhone 8, and this new report from Bloomberg reinforces almost unavoidable way Apple want this component for its new smartphone to launch in 2017.

Not exists greater information on them details of the negotiations, but all seems point to Sharp would be one of them multiple suppliers of screens OLED for the iPhone 8, next to any other signs of them already mentioned.

This scenario also aims to bid for the commercial success of the iPhone 8 is quite high.

The rumor that 8 iPhone will be a very attractive and distinct from all of the above product is strengthened.

Hopefully are at the height of the expectation that van generating.

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