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Should 10 Windows desktop to smartphones be

The largest Microsoft in recent months landmark has its place in the business of smartphones, but not by the increasingly moribund Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile), but to achieve that desktop applications running on ARM devices.

Thanks to the work in conjunction with Qualcomm, this year Microsoft would throw one (or two) phones with processor Snapdragon 835, the only confirmed to run the desktop version of Windows 10. However, given the physical characteristics of a mobile device, such as its smaller size compared to a computer, we wonder how would this experience.

David Grasso, Italian designer, developed a concept of Windows 10 for smartphones, which is inspired by the aesthetics of the operating system for computers and tablets. For example, preserving the layout of the home and the taskbar menu.


Cortana always available next to the task, the button view to go back and centered Home button. To the right of the buttons we have access to sound, battery and WiFi configuration options. Also accessible via a touch (as in the desktop version) calendar and drop-down actions (or notifications) Center from the right to be different mobile operating systems.


Of course, could not miss the transparency from the start menu, taskbar and the Centre of actions, just with in the desktop version of Windows 10. And in the sidebar shortcuts to documents, downloads, music, pictures, videos, personal folder, the file browser and settings. We can not forget multi-tasking, the view of all applications and desktops.


A concept that could serve as reference to Microsoft, and perhaps the first step to dismiss 10 WinMo and thereby focus squarely on Windows 10 truly universal, available to computers, tablets and smartphones.

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