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Silicon liquid as solution to the limitations of the systems of storage today

Silicio líquido

As insurance will remember, a few months ago several of the current computer industry giants joined under the consortium known as Gen-Z, a kind of Alliance created to try to solve a problem that have to face today as it is the limitation that begin to offer current storage systems and makes that every time there is more difference between the capability of modern processors and the speed of reading and writing to the store data.

After perform investment quite large for trying to develop different technologies that, in principle, seemed have the capacity of revolutionize this sector and that to the end, as usually occur, is have been in nothing, today have that talk of a group of researchers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison authors of a paper where us speak of a technology with which seem to be very near offer a solution real and feasible of a mode how much less, unusual as it is the use of the referred to as liquid silicon.

The Silicon fluid could be the solution for memories much more capable.

The liquid silicon is a term that refers to a new class of chips where it combines hardware and software into a single unit that would have the ability to perform complex calculations, at the same time having enough capacity to store large amounts of data. These chips, in turn, would be implemented a new really efficient way to communicate with the rest of the system.

According to the head of the Group of researchers commented that try to develop this technology, the term ‘Silicon‘ refers to the part system hardware while that ‘liquid‘ refers to the part software. Talk of a technical collaborative thanks to which is could get to build supercomputers of Pocket. As can see, the power of these systems can get to be quite striking, thanks to this is expected to help mainly to them new systems of recognition of voice or of face, to the processing of the language natural and, in general, to them applications very heavy.

With the idea of liquid silicon eliminate the bottleneck that exists when transferring data between a CPU and memory could, at last, thanks to the fact that, by uniting the memory and processing on the same chip unit, can omit the limitation posed soldiers chips in circuits as devices separately.

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