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Skype already allows you to share files up to 300 MB

Microsoft knows that one of the features most appreciated by Skype users is its ability to share files, although in a limited way, by the way. After testing a modification by some weeks, has decided increase the limit of ascent, in accordance with its blog official.

Now Skype users can share documents, images and videos in group up to 300 MB and simple conversations, which can be shared even if contacts are disconnected and will be available for download more than once on multiple devices.


That way, users can access files many times that they want and will not have to be connected to receive them. Moreover, Microsoft recommends to OneDrive as option to share files of more than 300 MB, although considered that such amount is sufficient for share the most of files shared in Skype.

The update already should be available for Android, iOS and customers official’s desk.

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