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Skype is updated with improvements in traditional calls

In regards to services like Skype, most of the time is spoken about developments in the VoIP calls and video calls, couple of features that are constantly evolving. However, there are those who are still communicating by traditional, calls which will be modernized.

Currently, who called someone and eventually joins another conversation cannot leave unless you end the call with all users. Skype is updated to allow whom called can leave call without worry, knowing that leaves both talking in the chat, according to Android Police.

On the other hand, “Phone calls” tab will be called simply “calls”, thus concentrating the video calls, VoIP calls and traditional in a section, from which facilitate the purchase of Skype credit.

Remember that some features of Skype will disappear due to the low usage, such as personalized voice mail and transcriptions by SMS greetings. In addition, instead of leaving a voice mail message when a contact does not respond, the user may opt for a video message.

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