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Skype launches a new update to be able to compete with the new version of Whatsapp


Skype recently announced that in just a few weeks its users will have available a new update of the service where we have implemented improvements both in calls and run them voice, something very necessary if you want to deal with the new proposal that brings with it the imminent update Whatsapp where, among other things, users finally can make video calls.

As you would expect, especially if we have noted that in the field of the vidollamadas Skype is all about, the response of the platform did not wait and now users can make calls in Group both if your device is Android or iOS. At the same time, can be followed keeping the conversation even if you disconnect the person who started it, something that was not the case with the current version since, when the user that had started the video call disconnected, while other users would like to continue the conversation, this ended.

Skype is updated to continue to maintain the type against the new functionality announced by Whatsapp.

At the same time, in this new version of Skype will delete the custom greetings, a functionality that truly was very famous and used by users at the time, email notifications and SMS of transcription. As detail, let know you that voice mail will also experience certain changes because now you can follow leaving normal voice messages, as so far, but also of video. Without a doubt a clear example of how in Microsoft are working to simplify as much as possible the use of the famous platform.

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