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Small video and more photos of the new Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

We have another of leaks that are coming these days prior to the official presentation of the new model of Smasung, Galaxy S8. There are many leaks, rumors and details that have been the net these days, so one more won’t us surprise too, but if it shows that these devices are ready to be presented in New York on March 29 . Actually already they many details remain unknown, but it always pleased to have the maximum information possible of new submissions, but then when they arrive officially already all or almost all of the details are known.

Little or nothing we can say about, so the best thing is that you see the small but clear video where you can see a model of the new S8 Galaxy to be presented this month and where we stop at the sticker that curiously has attached the device at the rear, where it says clearly: “no pictures” “do not sell” and “do not filter information” :

We talk in plural on that principle will see two new Samsung Galaxy S8 if all the rumors are true. In principle a normal model and other so-called “Plus”, leaving aside the Edge to call in a manner similar to its most direct competitor, Yes, Apple’s iPhone. In reality there is nothing confirmed in this regard, but all the rumors so indicate it.

The filtered images are as follows:

Ultimately a series of information that also provides news about what we know of the device, but that tells us clearly that devices are ready for their big event at the end of this month of March.

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