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Smart mirror with iOS or something created by a developer

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This video shows that make a smart device of a mirror is not complicated nowadays and this is what we see in the video uploaded by dymekraf and we have left at the beginning of the article. The truth is that despite seeming to the iOS interface, it is not, is a version of the modified Android OS, as in Chinese iPhone clones that are available today in numerous e-commerce network.

Which allows us to be this smart mirror is study notifications, see the time, show us with our events calendar or clock. This is a direct reflection of the device and I remember that long ago we saw some curious and interesting to share gadget seems like this, in any case with you.

Mirror enters sleep mode when we stop using it not to consume too much energy and while it is true there are that show how will be the marks of fingers in a big glass surface, is curious to see how it handles with ease. We do not believe that this mirror will be marketed at least for now, but it is not so far-fetched idea this intelligent mirror.


The truth is that us like quite this Apple Mirror to weigh that it utility that us offers also seems little productive for those that not are much time ahead of them, that if, for which them like be a good time ahead of the mirror can be a complement perfect taking in has that can see information of our smartphone reflected in he.

Obviously Apple not has nothing to see with this mirror and to mode of anecdote tell that this video takes in Youtube from the month of September of this year.

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