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Snapchat already has more active users than Twitter day


Twitter is next to Facebook since long time ago one of the most used social networks globally, but both has come them in recent times an important competitor of yellow and called Snapchat. This application is already among the most downloaded Google Play both the App Store and has managed to captivate an enormous amount of users who enjoy funny and multiple choices daily.

Proof of this is that today we have known that Snapchat already exceeds in assets a day to Twitter users, with 125 million by 111 million users every day sending Tweets. The growth of the new yellow is there, but this new situation is due more to the “drop” of the social network of 140 characters that other reasons.

And it is that Twitter is currently, according to estimates since they do not offer official figures, with 310 million of users. Snapchat on the other hand is growing that has led them to position themselves at the height of the Blue Bird social network what daily active users is concerned, but is still far in the rest of the numbers that usually measure a social network.

The incomes of both social networks continue to grow and we will have to remain very vigilant to the numbers of users of both, to see if Snapchat gets to continue growing and conquering more and more users, and especially if Twitter continues with his descent into hell after a few years where he was in the mouth of everyone.

Would have fallen already in Snapchat, networks implementation of fashion?.

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