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Snapchat buy augmented reality platform

According to reports TechCrunch, Snap Inc. has acquired by a figure estimated between thirty and forty millions of dollars the platform israeli of reality augmented, Cimagine.

Them new technologies that could apply it company of the phantom thanks to them advances achieved by the undertaking acquired, would be applied to promotions with associated, as for example, Starbucks. On the other hand, the purchase of this company allows them to stay with the company’s equipment, which thanks to its technology have worked even with brands such as Coca-Cola.

This would also allow to Snap Inc. can be established in Israel and open offices, expanding its business horizons and looking closely at new and interesting technologies that tend to emerge from these lands.

It is not the first purchase that the company makes in the year. Before it had made with Bitstrips by USD $100 million and with the application of photos in 3D Seene by $USD 110 million. The company is investing strong for follow developing is and keep is in the part high of the wave, above all today, where its main competitor, Instagram, not is tires of launch new features to a rhythm fast-paced.

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