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Snapchat continues to grow and surpasses Twitter daily users

An interesting phenomenon of analyzing has been what has happened with Snapchat, which has grown in its popularity steadily, despite only having five years of existence. So has reached its use which, according to Bloomberg , has exceeded Twitter regarding daily use of people.

As a result some averages of estimates given by experts to the said means, could stipulate that the microblogging social network has at least 140 million users per day, while the sending of files application boasts 150 million.

This type of background has realized that despite having been considered at the time as the second most used social platform worldwide, Twitter has been dropping for the use of people, giving space to other applications as Instagram, WhatsApp and now Snapchat

Anyway, the use of the latter is not surprising, considering that already last December it had 110 million daily users. An increase that has taken place thanks to its system of sending files and other options like “Snapstreak”, allowing counting the number of consecutive days that you’ve been communicating with friends, as well as the disappearance of news and stories live after 24 hours.

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