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Snapchat could incorporate selfies in 3D

Varied and fun Snapchat filters have made that many users prefer this social network for sharing your photos and videos. So so, according to a report of a couple of days in charge of Bloomberg, 150 million users use this application every day.

Their popularity demands that the app is updated and receive new features constantly, and apparently the company already is dealing it to bring modern options to users.

According to TechCrunch, Snapchat has acquired the emerging company called Seene, which has been working for a couple of years in technology to capture 3D with cell phone camera models.


According to the report, Snapchat bought the company a couple of months at a price very low and would be taking part of Seene equipment to its facilities in Los Angeles.

At the moment, Snapchat did not want to be statements made by what we do not know officially what is plotting. However glancing you to work and to the application of the 2013 Seene we can deduct that as this technology offers facial recognition, augmented reality and scenes in 3D reconstruction, Snapchat probably will allow capture three-dimensional selfies and overcome faces and masks more realistically. A face swapping to another level.

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