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Snapchat is already more popular than Facebook in iOS

It seems that Snapchat is unstoppable these days. A few weeks ago we reportábamos that it had already become a more active than Twitter social network and now confirms that it has passed to Facebook for the first time, as the most popular on the Apple mobile platform application, which represents a clear demonstration of his moment of Fame.

According to the most recent data collected by the people of App Annie (via IBD), Snaptchat has become already the application more unloaded for iOS users, surpassing Facebook and other native apps from Apple with a high degree of popularity, have ended being displaced by the new Queen of the market.

During the month of may, according to records from the App Store, Facebook would have ended in the third position for the highest number of downloads, while Snapchat took the first position, moving iTunes U to the second position.

Meanwhile, in what refers to active users per month, during may Snapchat was to rise, outperforming by a wide margin to Twitter and about to exceed both instagram like Google Maps.

Facebook and Facebook Messenger remain firm in this area, but it seems that it is only a matter of time until they run the risk of being dethroned.

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