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Snapchat will allow to store your Snaps and stories in Memories

Snapchat announced a new option that will be integrated into the application and will allow to store those moments that you share with others. Memories will be a new section which is activated by sliding the screen up when you are in the camera, then you can consult your snaps and stories, edit them and even forward them or create a new history.

When you think Snaps you can store them in Memories. The images and videos of Memories will be stored on the server of Snapchat and by means of an algorithm, the application can recognize objects and places in the search section.

Memories will serve to show your friends or family those stored Snaps, although there is also an option called My Eyes Only to avoid surprises (like those “dick pics” which everybody loves to share). These Snaps will be protected with a PIN that you have to remember, because there is no way to recover them if you forget it.

In terms of privacy, Snapchat warned that the images and videos are stored on the server. The application will not saved photos or videos of your reel of photos, unless you specify so it. Similarly, it became clear that recognition which is made in search of Memories takes place on your phone and not Snapchat servers.

Memories now available for some users of Android and iOS, and will be released to the rest of the public during the following month. Without a doubt one of the great changes of the application, that let a bit of side ephemeral messages that have been based since its creation.

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