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Snowden Signal favorite messaging app downloads soar


In the world of messaging are companies engaged in launching products so that users can communicate via messages. But of a time to this part, which arrive it make with a feature main: the privacy, something that to day of today still is a little difficult of find in them applications generalists, although also have of the possibility of encrypt of point to them talks. Edward Snowden, who became famous root reveal the functioning of the NSA to spy on not only citizens, but also to other countries, also makes use of this applications, but not the usual kind.

The application that only uses Snowden for send messages is called Signar, an application that has with an encryption of point to being an of them options more safe to communicate is without fear to them different Governments can access to our talks. This application has seen as from the victory of Donald Trump as President electro in United States, the downloads are have fired.

Earlier this year, Trump expressed its unease with Apple not wanting to to unlock the device used by the terrorists in the attack of San Bernardino in December of last year. According to the FBI the terminal could have material necessary to be able to prevent future attacks. The position against Apple by its negative gave to understand that if earned them elections, the control on their citizens could be a lot more to the current.

Signal came to the market in the year 2015 and currently us offers versions for Android, iOS and the browser Chrome and is has become in an of the applications more used by all those people that want to avoid the control and the surveillance of the Government to all costa.

Download for Chrome

Signal - Private Messenger (AppStore Link)

Signal – Private Messenger


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