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So Facebook that you are in love almost before you know


As you know, the Facebook team account at the same time with researchers and analysts in their ranks, not just only engineers itching code, trying to make the web page go increasingly better and have more capabilities. And is that company Mark Zuckerberg takes into account up to our relationship, and not only when we mark the mythical “now has a relationship with…”, according to the latest statistics, our way to use Facebook and the time we spend on social networking are significantly altered before you begin a relationship and just after starting it.

These are the figures concrete that has given the team of scientific of Diuk about our mode of use the network social more famous of the world just before and after be in love:

During them 100 days previous to the start of the relationship, is observed an increase slow but constant of the number of times that is connects the user to the same time that his future partner. When the relationship started, through the social network messages begin to decrease.

See a peak of 1.67 messages / day them 12 days earlier to the home of the relationship, and a peak of 1.53 messages / day 85 days after start the relationship.

Presumably, couples decide to spend more time together, the need to woo the other person lapses, and interactions in line give way to a more physical interaction, and real.

So is as our need of call it attention is decreasing, and is that not only them messages fall, but them publications in the wall of Facebook also descend significantly once the relationship is “official”.   Diuk Web can find additional information such as the duration of couples, the type of religions and the age of the people that are matched and used Facebook.

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