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So he wears a Galaxy S8 with transparent back cover

Transparent gadgets were forgotten. Technological parts that let see your internal components, thanks to its transparent covers not affecting the operation of the devices.

So now we wonder why now no manufacturer dares to create devices as well. JerryRigEverything from YouTube user wanted us to remember the beautiful thing that wears a transparent gadget, by testing their DIY skills with a Galaxy S8.

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This basically consists of removing the rear cover of the Galaxy S8 and the painting of the same. Also some internal components are removed and others are cut. At the end, transparent cover will be ready to be placed, revealing the internal composition of the phone.

It looks pretty good to be a bold DIY project which, according to the youtuber, can get expensive if the process is done poorly. That is not to mention that it sacrifices the resistance to water and the Wireless charging of the Galaxy S8.

If you are not worried any of these things and you’re aware of that arruinar√°s the warranty, try try again. Pray that you don’t regret it if you regret in the process.

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