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So is like Netflix optimizes the downloads and the streaming on your mobile

Netflix is an of the application favorite of the users mobile. After its last update that allows download those files to see them without connection to internet, many is have asked if them movies or series not is eventually the space of storage of our phone or tablet.

The good news is that not, since Netflix uses a method interesting for encode them videos that is downloaded, as well as an algorithm that detects the complexity of the video and adjusts them values to encode it with the best quality without sacrificing them data.

Each video has a requirement different and depends on of those elements in scene. To them devices mobile, Netflix divided them videos in pieces of up to 3 minutes in where is analyzes what occurs in scene and with in base in that is adjust them values of compression to the encode it.

According to Netflix (via Variety), the codec is platform-dependent. For Android, your series and movies favorite used VP9, a codec of code open that offers up to 36% of saving in the width of band to the use is in joint with the new form of optimize them videos.

In the case of iOS them things change, since due to problems of compatibility with the codec VP9, in them devices Apple is has opted for encode them videos in H.264 / AVC High. Here the saving is of a 19%, compared with the amount of data that is occupied to the make a stream conventional in H.264 / AVC Main.

If you want to know how to download your series or favorite programs, as well as an estimated space occupying each, you can read this article that we published in FayerWayer some days ago.

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